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Man meets wife after online dating marathon

  • October 9, 2008

  • Man meets wife after online dating marathon

    Allan Wills would urge anyone feeling lonely and struggling to meet someone special to give online dating a go.

    Like him, you might just attract six thousand potential suitors.

    Montreal native Allan moved to London on work in 2006. He felt lonely and was about to turn 30.

    A female friend told him that all he had to do was post his availability and his status as a normal guy online and the offers would come flooding in.

    So handsome Allan started up his own blog called He was so inundated with offers from romance-seeking women from all over the world that he decided to devote his life to selecting the right woman from the bunch.

    He quit his job and went on 39 dates in 13 different countries, attracting the attention of the Kazakhstan News, Shanghai City Weekend, The Today Show on NBC and BBC World Service along the way.

    And eventually he found the woman of his dreams in the shape of Claire Marjoram from Britain, who beat off competition from 6,000 other women to become Allan's fiancee.

    Allan proposed to Claire, who he affectionately calls Cece, in his native Canada, where she accepted and they both returned to their jobs in London.

    He told "I asked her to marry me on the path between Beaver Lake and the lookout (on Mount Royal).

    "Cece (Marjoram) said that it was on that very same path last year, after we had done a television interview, that she first realised that she loved me. I never knew that!"

    It's good to talk, so get chatting now! You never know where it might lead.

    This article was brought to you by Loopylove - the thoroughly fun online dating community.


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