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Tips for dating, minus the heartbreak

  • June 6, 2007

  • Tips for dating, minus the heartbreak

    Are you dying to get back on the dating scene but afraid of getting hurt?

    Well, according to relationship coach and author of the number one book Heartbreak-Free Dating, Jess Kennedy Williams, there is a simple way to ensure that your next relationship won't all end in tears.

    Jess says that the key to successful dating is all a question of balancing your requirements, your needs and your wants.

    Requirements are the things you know you must have in a potential partner for the relationship to work, or what Jess calls 'deal-breakers'.

    Needs are the things that you would like to have but are negotiable. It does not spell the end of a relationship if these things are not present.

    Wants are what Jess terms "the icing on the cake". In other words, these are the things that you think might embellish your relationship, but are not really important.

    Jess advises that if you pay attention to your requirements without putting too much emphasis on your needs and wants, you can avoid getting into a dead-end relationship.

    She says: "When it comes to dating, listen to your gut instinct, not your heart. Your gut tries to protect you from getting hurt, your heart has no clue what it is doing."

    Armed with these handy tips, why not start dating now?

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