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Using Instant Chat

How do I chat to someone?

It's as easy as it is on instant messenger. When you looked around, did you notice that some of the other people you liked had a small icon under their photo with a picture of a megaphone and the words 'Chat Now'?
Well, the good news is that all you have to do is click on the megaphone icon and it will open up a chat window and you can start chatting away instantly to your hearts desire.
One quick tip to keep in mind - if you use a pop up blocker you'll need to turn it off first.


Why did nothing happen when I tried to chat to someone?

It's bound to be something really simple. It usually is. So before you call in the IT guys, it's a good idea to check that your pop-up blocker isn't on. On Internet Explorer, it's in the Tools menu. If you find that it is on, you will need to turn it off.
The blocker only needs to be on when you're on a site that uses pop-ups to advertise. Fortunately we don't use advertising pop-ups, so you'll be safe to turn off the blocker.
Most pop-up blockers give you the option to allow certain sites to use pop-ups. So you can choose to add to your allowed list, or you can simply disable your pop-up blocker when using this site.
Or maybe you're chat is being held up because you haven't got the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player installed. You can get this easily and free of charge from:


Why did I get no response when I opened a chat window?

Don't panic. It's bound to be something simple. It usually is. For instance, maybe the person you're trying to chat to has their pop-up blocker running which is preventing your message from getting through.
So are you fated to be star-crossed lovers, never to meet? We think not. Just send them a message: "Hello. I think you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker."
It might also be a good idea to tell them about this FAQs section, where they can find out about popup blockers. Or you can impress them with your techie knowledge by telling them yourself!


I don't understand how my pop-up blocker works. Can you help me?

Unfortunately we can't advise you on how to use your own software. There are many, many different packages available and they all work slightly differently.
If you are having trouble with a specific program, we suggest that you refer to the help files that come with the software. Or find a lovely computer expert. You never know. They could be fun!


Someone is harassing me, threatening me or making inappropriate comments via chat. What can I do about this?

We very rarely get this sort of behaviour on our site, and so we're very sorry to hear this. Your happiness and security is our number one priority. So if you think the behaviour is serious enough to warrant further action from us, you can tell us about it using our feedback service and we'll be on it immediately.
Please give us the screenname of the sender and copy/paste any offending material from the chat into the feedback.
If it's not immediately obvious why the message is offensive, you might also like to tell us a little bit about why you thought so.
If you really object to someone on the site and decide you never want to hear from them again, you can block them from sending you any further communications by using our quick and easy to use blocking facility.
Underneath the box containing the message text, you'll see a link that reads 'Block This Person From Seeing My Profile'
Click on this link and you'll arrive at a page where you can decide whether to block them or not.
If you block the member you will be completely hidden from them, they won't be able to view your profile, see you in search results, view any previous messages sent to or from you, or contact you.


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