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General Information

What is online dating all about?

It's a new and exciting way to meet other people in your area or across the UK.
Dating with us is interesting and varied with lots of great features for you to enjoy.
Thousands of singles visit our dating site every day to flirt, look for love or just to find someone to hang out with or chat to online.
So this is one of the best ways to find the perfect partner, a lasting friendship - whatever you desire!


Is LoopyLove really free?

LoopyLove offers a variety of membership plans. Standard membership is free. As a Standard member, you can browse through our database of over 1.6 million profiles, see your activity and send weekly Lovebomb messages. If you decide to have more contact with other members then choose one of our subscription packages and upgrade your membership. With full membership, you receive far more privileges for as little as under 16p per day.


How does it work?

Online dating couldn't be simpler, just sign up and create your profile so that our members can learn about how gorgeous you truly are.
You can reveal as much or as little about yourself as you choose when writing your profile. You can talk endlessly about your interests, hobbies, what kind of person you are and, perhaps most importantly, what you are looking for in a date.
You can also upload photos and videos to the site, so your audience can admire you in action.
Then you can start to search our huge site full of singles, meeting interesting people along the way. If it all goes swimmingly well, just remember to add us to the wedding list.


How do I create my profile?

You can be set up to start flirting in minutes.
Just click 'Register' to start the free registration process.
You will be asked to provide a few details, so that we know who you are. Then you'll be taken step-by-step through the process of creating your profile. Once that's done, you'll be set to go.


So does online dating actually work then?

Is the Pope a Catholic? Of course it works. Every day, we get feedback from satisfied customers who've met through the site and there are two weddings a week, on average. But it's not just about confetti and carrying across thresholds. Many Loopy lovers just like to have plenty of fun and frolics so that they can relax and take their time when looking for love.


I have heard some horror stories, is it safe?

Yes it is. Safety is our second name, so long as you take a few sensible precautions, which is no more than you would do when meeting anyone new in the real world.
You will never have to give anyone your personal details or private info - such as your phone number, address or email address - until, and unless, you're ready to. We may ask you to provide some of these things to us, but we will never publish them or make them available to anyone else.


How much does it cost?

LoopyLove is FREE to join, but if you want to take advantage of some of our fantastic extra features, you need to subscribe.
Paid subscriptions are available in a number of different packages and we have great special offers from time to time.
Once registered, you can click through to our subscription page to see what offers are currently available.


How do I get in touch with you?

Please use our on site feedback in order to contact us with any questions or queries.
Alternatively you can write to us at the following address:
NSI (Holdings) Ltd
NSI (Holdings) Ltd
2 Angel Square,


Email delivery

To make sure that email messages from other singles always make it to your Inbox, you just need to add to your email address book. Here's how...


  • After opening the message, right-click
  • From the drop-down menu, select Add to Outlook contacts...
  • Click the Save and Close button.
  • is now saved to your address book.

AOL 9.0®

  • Mouse over the Sender or From Name, []
  • In the pop-up window, click the Add Contact link located on the right.
  • Add any additional information that you would like in the spaces provided.
  • Click Add Contact located at the bottom of the window.
  • is now saved to your address book

Yahoo! Mail®

  • Open the email.
  • With your mouse, highlight the email address at the top of the email.
  • Right-click the highlighted email address and select Copy from the drop-down menu.
  • On the left side of your screen, next to Contacts, click Add.
  • In the Email field, right-click and select Paste.
  • Click Save.
  • is now saved to your address book.

Yahoo! Mail Classic®

  • After opening the email, click the Add sender to Contacts icon located to the right of the LoopyLove from address.
  • Click Add to Address Book.
  • is now saved in your address book.


  • After opening the message, click the Options button located in the upper right corner, then click More Options...
  • Under the Preventing junk email section click the Safe and Blocked Senders link.
  • Click on the Safe Senders link.
  • should automatically appear.
  • Click the Safe Senders link.
  • Enter if it does not appear automatically.
  • Click the Add to List button.
  • is now saved to your address book.


  • Click the Contacts link located on the left navigation menu.
  • Click the New contact button located under Contacts title.
  • Type in the email box.
  • Click the Add button.
  • is now saved to your address book.


  • Open the email message and then click on the link directly below the sender's name, titled Add to Address Book.
  • Add The Email Address field should be pre-formatted with
  • Click add when you are finished entering all contact information.
  • is now saved to your address book.


Online dating community, LoopyLove, is one of the largest and most loved UK online dating services, with a community of more than 1.5 million active singles dating direct on our site. As well as online chat, our members place dating personals and send each other emails, as well as date other UK dating members. We're sure you'll have fun finding your soul mate, partner, lover or friend with our thousands of online dating members, and access to many of our Loopytastic features through our free dating registration. This is because our philosophy to dating differs from other dating websites. So if you want to try some internet dating with a difference, this could be the one! Have fun dating!