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Dating co-stars is normal, says OC actress

  • June 9, 2008

  • Dating co-stars is normal, says OC actress

    It's perfectly normal and acceptable to date a co-star in Hollywood, OC actress Rachel Bilson has sad.

    The star recently revealed that she is dating Hayden Christensen, who she starred alongside in the movie Jumper.

    However, she says that there is nothing wrong with becoming romantically involved with a co-star as if she worked in an office or went to university she'd probably be dating a fellow member of staff or a course mate.

    "They say don't date your co-star, but that's who you're around," the 27-year-old told PageSix magazine.

    "If you're in an office, and you see someone everyday and you click well, you'll start dating. It’s the same thing."

    Speaking about her new love, she added: "I have someone really great. Someone who can make me laugh – that's always what comes first. It's the best to be able to really, like, truly laugh with someone like they're your best friend,"

    This is the second time Bilson has dated a co-star. While working on the OC she was linked with Adam Brody who played her on-screen love interest Seth.

    You might not find a Hollywood star, but you could have a good time if you search for your perfect date!

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