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Men 'conned' by a woman's swagger

  • September 11, 2007

  • Men 'conned' by a woman's swagger

    Men may find the sight of a woman's sashaying hips irresistible, but it is not a covert sign that she is sexually available, according to scientists.

    A new study has found that women walk with an alluring wiggle when they are least likely to reproduce and walk with a straighter gait when they are more fertile.

    This apparently contradictory behaviour amounts to an evolutionary con-trick on men, scientists said yesterday.

    Researchers from Queen's University in Ontario examined volunteers walks and found that those with the most sexy swaggers were the furthest away from fertility.

    Signs that a woman is truly sexually available are subtle changes in smell or facial expressions, which could only be detected by close friends who are more suitable father figures.

    Dr John Manning, from the University of Central Lancashire, commented on the findings: "I think that the subtle signs of ovulation are used, in a sense, to promote monogamy.

    "If you want to pick up on these, you have to be already living with, or close to, the woman, so this constrains the man into daily attendance on a woman."

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