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Online Personals

  • December 13, 2017

  • Online Personals


    Online personals are a great way to meet new people and that's exactly what we're all about here at Loopylove - The thoroughly fun online dating community.

    You may be more familiar with personals in the traditional sense as seen in newspapers and magazines, but now the wonderful world of dating personals is in full swing here online, and Loopylove is the perfect place to meet fun and exciting people in your area.


    Benefits of Online Personals


    With online personals you have a lot more room to describe yourself and what you're looking for. Rather than limiting yourself to just one sentence you can go into much more detail with personals online. This also means there's a lot more to read and learn about each other when looking for a partner online. Once you do find personals that catch your eye, communicating is easy. You can email using our onsite secure service, chat live using our instant messenger, and even receive your messages on your mobile phone!


    Online Personals Acronyms


    We've notice some of the old traits of traditional personals creep through here online and find it great fun when spotting them. Some of it may look like a mumbo jumbo so here's our quick guide to some of our favourite dating personals acronyms, old and new:

    WLT:      Would like to meet
    OMG:      Oh my God
    LOL:       Laugh out loud
    QT:         Cutie
    LTR:        Long term relationship
    LDR:        Long distance relationship
    GSOH:     Great sense of humour
    SOH:       Sense of humour
    BBW:       Big beautiful woman
    BHM:       Big handsome man
    BTW:       By the way
    NSA:        No strings attached
    IM:          Instant messenger
    ASL:        Age, sex, location
    BF:          Boyfriend
    GF:          Girlfriend
    ROFL:      Rolling on the floor laughing
    LMAO:     Laughing my ass off
    BRB:         Be right back


    You don't have to use these types of acronyms but it's always handy to know what they mean when you find them. There are lots of them out there, and we think they're fabulously fun! Join Free Now  and see how many you find!

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