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Cancelling accounts and subscriptions

How do I cancel my subscription?

Really? We're sorry to hear you want to do that. Mavis in subscriptions will be sad to see you go. Of course, if it's because you've found the partner of your dreams - well, that's another matter! Well done!
Anyway, you do realise that cancelling your subscription doesn't cancel your membership of this site? You can still come back and use the site whenever you like. It's just that after the subscription expires, you won't be able to message and chat, and you won't be eligible for all the other lovely Loopy extras.
So if you still want to go ahead and cancel your subscription, simply log in to the site and go to My Account at the top right hand corner of the screen and then click Payment History.
This will take you to the subscriptions page, where you will see your current, as well as any previous, agreements. Each agreement will include the date the subscription was made, the amount and frequency of all payments and the cancelled/active status.
If you currently have an active subscription, you will see a button at the bottom of the agreement box reading "Cancel Repeat" Just click on this button to cancel all future payments for that subscription.


How do I cancel my membership of the site?

Well... if you're sure. We'll be sorry to lose you, though. You'll be missing out on all the frolics and fantabulous times while meeting lots of new people. And who knows?
Your dream partner could be just around the corner.
If you are a subscribed member, please note that your paid subscription continues up until its expiry date, no matter when you cancel.
If you want to actually leave the site then go to Loopy Basics in My Profile and select edit basics. Under User Status select Deleted - my profile will be deleted. You will be prompted to confirm whether you really want to delete your account. Just click OK and your account is will be deleted.
Alternatively, visit our feedback section and leave us a message requesting to delete your profile. You will then receive an email to confirm your deletion.
* If you log in after deleting your account, this will reactivate it.


What if I want to come back?

If you decided to take a break from dating and now want to return to the site, simply log in to the site as normal and your account will be reactivated.


I deleted my account before my paid subscription expired. Can I get a refund for the rest of my subscription?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund the rest of your subscription. This is because we allow you to try the site for free before deciding whether to pay or not.


Can I pause my paid subscription while I take a break from dating and restart it again later?

Sorry - no can do.
When you pay for a subscription, it expires on a fixed date which cannot be changed.
If you delete your profile, you can return at any time and use the remainder of your subscription up to your original expiry date. But the date itself cannot be altered.


Help! I cancelled my membership without cancelling my repeat payments. I'm afraid I'll be billed!

Fear not! When you leave the site, all future payments are automatically cancelled.


If I cancel my membership will you stop sending me emails?

Yes we will, but you could also opt out of emails in My Account and Opt Ins or ask us to stop sending them via feedback.


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