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Choosing and Uploading Photos

What are the requirements for a photo to be approved for LoopyLove?

We don't have many rules about pictures, so please don't be put off. It's always a good idea to upload your picture, as it increases your chances of meeting people. However, we do have a few rules and here they are:

  1. The picture must show a clear face shot. This means that we must be able to recognise you in the picture. Pictures with most or all of the face obscured will not be approved.
  2. It must be a picture of you! Come on, we all know what George Clooney looks like, and we're pretty sure that neither he nor Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, Pamela Anderson, Mickey Mouse nor Ron Jeremy are members of our dating site. In other words, we cannot approve pictures of celebrities, models, cartoon characters etc.
  3. Restrictions imposed by some of our partner companies also prevent us from showing topless pictures of both men and women (it's a legal thing).
  4. Pictures displaying genitals, nipples or bare bottoms will not be approved. But bikini shots are usually OK.
  5. No text or added graphics - just the photo un-doctored please.
  6. No group shots. It would be hard to tell which one is you, and we have no way of verifying whether the other person's/people's image/s are being used with their permission. Your mum/workmate/that guy down the pub may not be happy to find their picture on a dating site.
  7. No photos of children or legal minors. This should speak for itself. We understand that if you have children you are bound to be proud of them and may want to show them off. But for their safety and privacy, we absolutely cannot display pictures of children or condone their appearance on a dating site.


I uploaded a picture to my dating profile, but it disappeared after a few hours. Why did that happen?

When you upload a photo it can take up to 48 hours for it to be moderated and approved.
During this time, it will show up on your my profile page, but it will not be visible to others or show up in dating searches.
If your picture appeared on your my profile page and then disappeared, this is because it was refused by our picture moderators. See above for a list of reasons why this might have happened.


How many photos can I have in total?

You can have up to 10 photos on your Loopy profile.


I don't want to have a photo on my dating profile. Can't I just send one to other members directly?

For security reasons and virus prevention, we do not allow members to send attachments such as pictures with their messages.
It is entirely up to you to decide whether to attach a picture to your dating profile - but remember, you are much more likely to get a date if you do!


How do I delete my photo permanently?

To delete a photo permanently, click on MY PHOTO and then Edit Photos. Next, simply click on the button entitled "Remove" next to the photo that you would like to delete.
However, do remember that if you do this, and you change your mind at a later date, you will have to resubmit your photo for moderation.


How do I change the order of my photos?

If you have more than one photo on your profile, you can change your main photo at any time. Simply click on the button entitled "Use for profile" next to the photo you now want to use from your edit photos page.


I don't want to upload a photo because I'm unattractive and I think it'll spoil my chances of getting a date!

Golly gosh! A negative attitude like that won't get you anywhere!
Now then, if we've learnt one thing running a dating site, it's that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.
You may not consider yourself to be attractive, but we happen to know that there are plenty of others who will. Not everyone is looking for Brad Pitt or Keira Knightley. In fact, most people prefer to date a real person and may even feel intimidated by someone with film star looks.
So relax and smile. You really have nothing to gain by hiding your face from potential partners.


I tried to upload a picture and it was rejected because of one of the rules listed above. But I've seen other people's pictures that break the same rule and they're on the site. Why them and not me?

Our strict moderation code is a fairly recent development. We used to be a lot more relaxed about what picture content we allowed. But as the site grew bigger, we had to be stricter.
When we brought in the new moderation code, we decided that it would be unfair to delete all the pictures we had already approved. So we left them uploaded.
This does mean that you will still occasionally come across an older dating profile with a picture that would not be allowed at the present time.
Eventually these pictures will fall out of use. So please be patient if you see them. However, please do let us know if you see any picture content that is offensive in any way.


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